Conference on Environmental Courts

Friday, 19 June 2015 – Environmental Courts, Enforcement, Judicial Review and Appeals: Exploring the Options for Ireland  funded by Irish Research Council New Foundations grant 2014-15

Programme – Environmental Courts Conference – UCC- 19 June 2015 – final

Background paper by Mr Justice Frank Clarke, Supreme Court & Adjunct Professor, School of Law, UCC “A Possible Environmental Court: The Constitutional and Legal Parameters” (June 2015)

A Possible Environmental Court – Mr Justice Frank Clarke – June 2015

Áine Ryall, School of Law, UCC “A Framework for Exploring and Environmental Court for Ireland” (July 2015)

A Framework for Exploring the Idea of an Environmental Court for Ireland

Power point presentation by Áine Ryall, School of Law, UCC ”Why the Idea of a Specialised Environmental Court is Attractive”

Aine Ryall UCC 19 June 2015

Background Reading: 

The following two papers by Judge Merideth Wright, former Presiding Judge, Vermont Environmental Court are useful background reading for our conference on 19 June:

Wright, “The Vermont Environmental Court” (2010) 3 Journal of Court Innovation 201 

Text available here:

Wright, “Procedural Environmental Rights Giving Access to Justice: lessons from Vermont and other courts handling environmental cases around the world” paper prepared for the 3rd UNITAR-Yale Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy, 5-7 September 2014, New Haven

Text available here:

Further background reading:

Pring and Pring, Greening Justice: Creating & Improving Environmental Courts and Tribunals (The Access Initiative, 2009)

Journal of Environmental Law (Open Access) Virtual Collection on Specialist Environmental and Planning Courts: